NRA Headquarters Range

NRA Headquarters Range

Come and shoot on one of the most technically advanced, user-friendly indoor shooting ranges in the country - right in the basement of NRA Headquarters!

The 15-position NRA Range is open to the public and offers:

  • All pistol calibers and rifle up to .460 Weatherby Magnum!
  • No Steel Core, No Armor Piercing, No Tracer Rounds, and Shotguns with SLUGS Only!
  • Shooting Events and Activities!
  • Shooting Distances up to 50 yards!
  • Automatic target retrieval system that allows the shooter to edge and face the target for time intervals programmed by the shooter!
  • Wheelchair Accessible!
  • A professional staff of NRA Certified Range Safety Officers!

The NRA Range is one of the few 50-yard indoor ranges available to the public. The shooting booths are wheelchair-accessible and provide ample room for position pistol and rifle shooting, as well as shotgun shooting. The automatic target retrieval system will place targets at any distance in one-foot increments from 7 to 150 feet. The unique backstop and sound baffling systems allow you to shoot pistol calibers up to .500 S&W and rifle calibers up to and including .460 Weatherby Magnum!

The NRA Range is open to the general public - NRA members and non-members - for recreational shooting, and is also used for a variety of programs including NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses, competitions, league shooting, junior shooting programs, NRA Instructor Training Courses, shooting clinics and more.

The NRA Range includes a classroom and a check-in office which is stocked with general merchandise, targets, hearing and eye protection, cleaning supplies, and a selection of the more popular calibers of ammunition.

Email or call (703) 267-1402 for more information.